May 10, 2010

SAP: Logistics

Logistics comprises all processes involved in purchasing, materials management, manufacturing, warehousing, quality management, plant maintenance, service management and sales and distribution. All applications access a shared consistent database, supported by production data management.

SD: Sales & Distribution SD actively supports sales and distribution activities with outstanding functions for pricing, prompt order processing, and on-time delivery, interactive variant configuration, and a direct interface to profitability analysis and production.

PP: Production Planning and Control PP provides comprehensive process for all types of manufacturing: from repetitive, make-to-order, and assemble-to-order production, through process, lot and make-to-stock manufacturing, to integrated supply chain management with functions extended MRP and electronic kanban, plus optional interfaces to PDC, process control systems, CAD and PDM.

PS: Project System PS coordinates and controls all phases of a project, in direct cooperation with Purchasing and Controlling, from quotation to design and approval, to resource management and cost settlement.

MM: Materials Management MM optimizes all purchasing processes with workflow-driven processing functions, enables automated supplier evaluation, lowers procurement adn warehousing costs with accurate inventory and warehouse management, and integrates invoice verification.

QM: Quality Management QM monitors, captures, and manages all processes relevant to quality assurance along the entire supply chain, coordinates inspection processing, initiates corrective measures, and integrates laboratory information systems.

PM: Plant Maintenance PM provides planning, control, and processing of scheduled maintenance, inspection, damage-related maintenance, and service management to ensure availability of operational systems, including plants and equipment delivered to customers.

SM: Service Management SM provides highly integrated customer service functionality to compete in today's global markets.

PDM: Product Data Management PDM supports in creating and managing product data throughout the product life cycle.

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