May 28, 2015

EPICOR ERP Next Generation

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Index Infotech provides a global business software platform and enterprise applications from Epicor® that help customers effectively and efficiently automate and streamline their essential business functions, inspiring them to focus on their core, revenue-generating activities, deliver value to their own customers, and grow.
Epicor® solutions provide a new approach to the way enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business software solutions are designed, built, and used. Redefined ERP software maximizes productivity in every area of your organization, through mobility, collaboration, simplicity, responsiveness, and choice. Epicor ERP is the tool that can inspire your company to innovate and think differently about your business, so that you can ultimately deliver inspiration to your customers. Epicor ERP is business software.
Business Inspired
Epicor allows customers to think about their business from a fresh perspective, to focus on core growth activities, and to be inspired by the possibilities.
Inspired Manufacturing
Epicor delivers an entirely new approach to business software. Epicor solutions free manufacturers from focusing on technology to focusing on what they do - their core, revenue-generating activities
Inspired Distribution
Epicor inspires distribution customers to think a new way about business. Epicor solutions free distributors from focusing on technology to focusing on what they do - procure goods and fulfill orders efficiently so you can deliver product when, where and how your customers want them.

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