July 9, 2012

Successful Growing Accounting Software Solution in Dubai:

The CANIAS ERP Financial Accounting Module:
The CANIAS ERP Financial Accounting Module is the optimum tool for higher transparency and efficiency when administering finances. It meets all relevant standards and delivers an innovative and advanced system architecture that allows for easy integration with other system modules. This systems can be implement in any size of organization large , medium or small . Following are some features we are sharing.

• Multi-client capability including entity accounting
• Control of plant specific business activities
• Highest level of integration for Sales Management, Purchasing, Inventory Management, Cost Centers               
• Computations using multiple currencies
• Table of accounts including statistical accounts
• Outstanding Items Management
• Analysis
• Multilingual
• Overdue fines
• Payment transactions and cycles
• Invoice receipt entry
• Direct debiting
• Check printing
• Financial statements (unlimited number of balance sheet versions possible)
• Profit and loss account (unlimited number of P&L versions possible)
• User-friendly report generator
• Analysis according to IAS/IFRS and US-GAAP
• Adjustable business assessments
• Standard reports (summary of accounts, account forms, journals)
• Any number of accounting periods
• Flexible fiscal year definition
• User-friendly authorization system
• Archiving (native integrated module)


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