July 11, 2012

CRM Software demand is increasing in Dubai:

 Better relationships for better business. Efficient communication with ones customers and partners are vital for organizations. The CANIAS ERP CRM Module establishes the basis for efficient communication with unique features. It offers a central communication platform with an advanced architecture either as a stand-alone module or an integrated solution.

CRM Features:

• Centralized communication platform
• Standalone or integrated versions
• Intuitive user interface
• User-friendly user authorization features
• Platform independent
• Remote Access
• Seamless integration with other ERP modules
• Customer contact management:
  • -      Customer and prospect data administration
  • -      Contact planning, contact history
  • -      Telemarketing support
  • -      Campaign management
  • -      Circulars, e-mails, letters
  • -      Questionnaires
  • -      Customer group analysis

• Integration of Service Management, Sales Management and Document Management functions
• Integration with CANIAS ERP Collaborator module:
  • -      E-mail client
  • -      Agenda
  • -      Task manager
  • -      Activities Management
  • -      Delegation and reminder
  • -      Address book management
  • -      Short messenger


  1. Some critical information which can be very useful for the sales people but may not be available at the right time due to slow processing of the data is avoided with the use of CRM software.

    Communication ERP Module

  2. Dubai is most popular place for Business, Dubai has been doing business with lots of country since beginning and doing business with latest technologies, its key of success and CRM software playing impotent roll.

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