November 19, 2011

TimeTrax (Payroll Software with Biometric Device)

Controlling Labor Costs- Critical Information needs for today's businesses
Businesses today are focusing on optimization of one of their key cost components, i.e., the labor cost factor. Whether it is about being a service-oriented or a manufacturing concern, efficient human resource management controls and translates it into enhanced organizational productivity and also provides an objective basis for Human Resource requirement and planning for the future.
Following are some of the questions that we ask from our prospective clients for an evaluation of their HR requirements:
  • Does your business need to track hours for an employee against different cost centers, departments or across multiple facilities to ensure accurate accounting and budgeting?
  • Would it be beneficial for your company to manage and track leave, vacation, sick days and other benefit pay consistently for exempt and non-exempt employees?
  • Would your managers benefit from having an easy-to-use scheduling system that would improve the efficiency of your operations?
  • Does your payroll include complex pay rules for premiums and shift changes that need to be handled by your time and attendance system?
  • Does your business require you to bill hours against specific jobs in order to accurately invoice clients for labor costs?
  • Does your business require you to calculate payroll on the basis of piece rate, or the no. of jobs completed?
If your answer to these questions is Yes, then what you are looking for is a Time management and payroll system that is build to suit your requirements.

About TimeTrax™:

Serving over 350 satisfied clients across Pakistan in 21 cities and deployed in 13 countries across the globe; including UAE, South Africa, Korea & Brazil, with embedded payroll logic for various industries, TimeTrax is the ultimate software solution for Integrated Attendance, Payroll, Leave & Travel Management. We are proudly assisting companies in building transparency into employee productivity for the last 13 years.
Our customers have realized TimeTrax benefits by increasing productivity in the following areas:
  • Automates key administrative processes
  • Ensures proper staffing, budgeting and management of labor resources
  • Manages labor costs
  • Streamlines the payroll process
  • Replaces manual time sheets
  • Controls overtime


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