May 8, 2010

SAP: Instructions

Step 1
Determine the needs of the company or organization. Analyze the back-office requirements of the company, what assessments of performance management are in place and how they could be improved. Also determine the type of learning procedures the individuals being trained on SAP ERP will need. Ascertain how the employees interact with technology and what other training may be needed in the use of computers.

Step 2
Work with a SAP representative to determine how to best meet those needs. SAP will establish a series of tests that fit the company. Ad-hoc applications will be implemented to ensure the proper management of the company's infrastructure.

Step 3
Establish a profile on the learning-portal portion of the SAP ERP applications. The instructor portal will help manage your learning needs, informing the user of the steps that need to be taken to become proficient with SAP ERP.

Step 4
Perform the tasks and testing applications that have been developed and planned by the instructor portal. Virtual content provided by Adobe Connect will enable a user to interface with the selected applications. Track your progress via the learning-management system.

Step 5
Understand that information will be stored in the content-management system. The individual's superiors will be able to monitor the progress that is being made. Once the user's learning path is completed, she should be competent on the processes of SAP ERP.

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