May 10, 2010

SAP: Financials

Financials is a suite of integrated financial application components encompasses all aspects of financial accounting, investment management, controlling, treasury management, and enterprise controlling.

FI: Financial Accounting FI collects all the data in company relevant to accounting, providing complete documentation and comprehensive information, and is at the same an up-to-the-minute basis for enterprise-wide control and planning.

CO: Controlling CO is a complete array of compatible planning and control instruments for company-wide controlling systems, with a uniform reporting system for coordinating the contents and procedures of company's internal processes.

IM: Investment Management IM offers integrated management and processing of investment measures and projects from planning to settlement, including pre-investment analysis and depreciation simulation.

TR: Treasury TR is a complete solution for efficient financial management that ensures the liquidity of worldwide company, its structures, financial assets, profitability and minimizes risks.

EC: Enterprise Controlling EC continuously monitors company's success factors and performance indicators on the basis of specially prepared management information.

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