May 10, 2010

SAP: Human Resources

HR provides solutions planning and managing company's human resources, using integrated applications that cover all personnel management tasks and help simplify and speed the process.

PM: Personnel Management PM is a complete solution for personnel administration, recruitment management, travel management, benefits administration and salary administration.

OM: Organizational Management OM assists in maintaining an accurate picture of organization's structure, no matter how fast it changes. It is systematic and forward planning tool that considers the final effects of all personnel events thus it's complete solution for personnel cost planning.

PA: Payroll Accounting PA addresses payroll functions from a global point-of-view and gives the capability to centralize payroll processing or decentralize the data based on country or legal entities.

TM: Time Management TM is integrated with payroll accounting, controlling, production planning, plant maintenance, project system, external services and shift planning. It provides with a variety of standard reports that will assist in tracking and analyzing employee time with completeness and accuracy.

PD: Personnel Development PD assists with planning, monitoring, and analyzing scheduled seminars, training courses, and business events, registration and booking, price determination and invoicing.

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