May 27, 2010

SAP Business One

SAP Business One

Software for Small & Midsize Companies

We believe that doing business should be easy. Check out SAP Business One. It's backed by SAP, the world's largest software company. Don't let that scare you though; the majority of SAP's customers are just like you, small business owners and employees that want to have best-run businesses.

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SAP Business One as a Platform for Growth

SAP Business one is a business platform for the future. At ERP BuzZ, we often get asked, "Why can't I find software that meets the unique needs of my business on the shelf in a store?". The truth is, that product doesn't exist. If it did, it wouldn't be backed by a firm that had the ability to support it. SAP Business One is an application developed with small business owners in mind. It's simple yet powerful architecture provides the ability to tailor the application to best fit your unique business needs.

SAP has over 20,000 customers using over 1,000 industry-specific solutions; SAP has published a software road map through 2015. With a clear path towards the future, you can be confident that we'll be around to support your business for years to come. Recently, SAP also acquired Business Objects, the creators of Crystal Reports, to further strengthen its ability to provide customers with value.

Completely Integrated Business Software SAP Business one is a complete platform to run your entire business. In one single application, SAP Business One manages all primary facets of your business, including Financials, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Banking, Manufacturing, Forecasts & Budgets, Reporting and more.


  1. Doing business should be easy task if you Check out SAP Business One. It's backed by SAP, the world's largest software company.
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