June 7, 2010


Tuppas specializes in agile ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) design. We can gather data from the shop floor and build expert systems to utilize that data. What makes us stand out from the crowd is that we can provide "fast track" service and a high level of customization for our customers at the same time. Manufacturing companies can greatly benefit from our expertise in implementations within manufacturing environments as they move to automate data collection and reporting.

Our customers also experience the huge benefit of software customized just for them without the huge price tag of traditional systems. We also offer a SaaS Software as a service option. The types of systems Tuppas offers are financials, CRM, cost accounting, forecasting and planning. Tuppas also provides a complete collection of MES modules. Tuppas has evolved providing MES systems to manufacturers and is the superior choice for innovation in manufacturing.

ERP Software

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