June 7, 2010

What is the Major Advantage of Distribution Software

Wholesale distributors know a strong distribution software package is a critical requirement for staying competitive in today’s economic conditions. Distributors engaged in ERP selection projects will keep the organization’s distribution requirements at the heart of their ERP evaluation project. When considering a new ERP system, distributors will be focused on features and functions that help aid the organization in maintaining strong inventory control and exceptional customer service. They will seek comprehensive ERP solutions that offer high inventory turnover, robust purchasing, efficient import management, and an undeniable focus on customer relationship management.So what do wholesale distributors look for in a new ERP system? Take a moment to answer our weekly ERP poll and then check back to see how your response aligns with that of the average visitor.

What is the Major Advantage of Distribution Software Over Standard ERP Systems?
Fully-integrated CRM Functionality
Fully-integrated Warehouse Management System
Strong Supply Chain Management Capabilities
Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP) to Support Multiple Distribution Cen


  1. Going to a specialist in your field is always helpful.

    When you go to somebody specialising in a specific vertical, they will have a far more intermate understanding of the way your industry functions and should be very experienced with what you specifically need from a piece of software.

    The result should be a more efficient piece of software with a faster and maybe cheaper implementation.

  2. I agreee talking to someone who knows the benefits or has experienced them is a good piece of advice.

    To compete in one of the world’s fastest growing industry segments, professional services need solutions like distribution software. Successful businesses need integrated information from across the organisation in order to connect to both internal team members and clients. With a dispersed network it will drive increased efficiency for services and internal processes. To improve companies efficiency, organisation and time management getting in touch with the people who deliver the right project management tools and methods could be the next best step to take with your business

    Thanks for the post and i'll be sure to take part in the ERP poll.