April 24, 2010

What is ERP?

What is ERP?

ERP is the acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning, an ambitious term that in reality attempts to integrate all departments and functions across a company onto a single computer system.
Why use or think about implementing ERP?
Implementing a solution at the enterprise level allows organizations to get rid of standalone
computer systems in finance, HR, manufacturing and the warehouse and replaces them with a
software solution with individual sub modules for each department. The key difference is that now finance can look into the warehouse module and check if the pending orders from a day before have been processed or not. This allows inter-departmental monitoring of business processes while allowing the management to correlate reports that provide a clearer picture of the enterprise as information is being used from across all levels and departments of the organization.
ERP Solutions
ERP solutions can be purchased by as a complete package or by module. We offer complete
services from consulting, requirement analysis to development, implementation and user training for ERP systems.
Scope of ERP
􀂃 Integrate Financial Information
􀂃 Integrate Customer Order Information and Store Customer History
􀂃 Streamline the manufacturing process
􀂃 Standardizing HR Information
􀂃 Store and Analyze productivity information for employees and facilities
􀂃 Allow inter-departmental process monitoring and reporting
􀂃 Reports with data from across the organization
􀂃 Allow Marketing and Management to monitor and analyze all stages required to provide
the clients with the client with products and services
􀂃 Allow users limited and monitored access to data across the organization according to

ERP and E-commerce
E-Commerce has long moved from marketing trend to a proven method of increasing commerce
and sales by allowing direct marketing and giving consumers the freedom of choice.
This is a two fold phenomenon which helps our clients integrate into their existing ERP system with a complete E-Commerce facility. The first channel built allows the business to communicate with the customers (B2C1) and the second channel allows suppliers and partners to communicate with the organization (B2B2). This allows clients to streamline Customer interaction while maintaining accurate records of their interaction for analyses and use in marketing strategies.
ERP: Beneficial for the Management, Marketing and Employees
ERP has many benefits for the Management and Marketing, but a properly designed and
implemented system will be appreciated by Employees as well for all the benefits it offers to every one in the organization.
The Employees are now able to store their data and productivity reports at central locations. This allows data security and allows for document sharing. This allows productivity to increase while reducing the actual work for Employees. As data access in now limited and secure, there are less chances for data theft, which removes the need for direct monitoring of employees which often makes them uncomfortable. As sub modules are developed with the help of users they are able to use systems that they are comfortable with and have received training for. This increases
productivity as now the need to learn irrelevant features using third party solutions is not
necessary. The Marketing and Sales of an organization also has a lot of benefits if a robust ERP is being used. They are able to store and analyze information pertaining to Customers’. This could be about the status of orders’ or the history of each customer. By employing Data Mining and Business Intelligence Tools this data can be used to profile customers and come up with future marketing and sales strategies that maximize customer value.
The Management is the biggest beneficiary of a successful ERP system. They are able to monitor
and get reports and all aspects of the organizations operations. This allows them to see a clearer
picture of the status and direction of the organizations’ processes.
1 B2C means Business to Client
2 B2B means Business to Business

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