April 25, 2010

What is a Workflow?

There are a number of definitions. Wikipedia has a fairly comprehensive description of the subject, however for busy Business Owners such as yourself, I’ve narrowed it down to what “Workflow” means within the Dynamics GP system.
As far as GP is concerend there are 2 definitions:
Workflow is a System - Workflow is a system that you install with Dynamics GP. It provides that functionality that you need to create indivual workflows and or approval processes.
Workflow is an Approval System - It’s an approval process for a document or a ‘batch’. Bascially, it is the ‘rules’ for how a document or batch has to ‘flow” through the system and be approved by someone and under what conditions it can be approved.
Lets take this example;
In this Purchase Order Approval Process, the workflow shows who must approve purchase orders and under what conditions.
Ali Submits a Purchase Order for Rs.2,000. In this sceanario, the Purchase Order must be approved by Abbas. If the Purchase Order was for Rs.8,000 the it would need approval from both Abbas and Feroze.Benefits of Using Workflows
There are many benefits to using Workflows in an organization. Here are some of the Key benefits.
ConsistencyThe Workflow system enables you to define the approval process for specific documents and batches, such as purchase order documents and Receivables Management batches. By using the Workflow system, you ensure that documents and batches are reviewed and approved in a consistent and efficient manner.
Automatic NotificationUsers can be automatically notified when a document or batch is assigned to them for approval, or when a document or batch they submitted is approved. Users can be notified via desktop alerts or e-mail alerts.
Access through Office SharePoint Server and OutlookUsers don’t have to log on to Microsoft Dynamics GP to approve documents and batches. Users can approve documents and batches by accessing the Workflow web site, which is built on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, or by responding to e-mail messages in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007.
ReportsThere are several Workflow reports you can generate. These reports help you monitor the Workflow system and identify specific workflow steps or approvers who may be slowing down an approval process.


  1. Workflow is a system that you install with Dynamics GP. It provides that functionality that you need to create individual workflows and or approval processes.

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